Amazing Big Stone art design co., LTD is committed to improving the purity and cultural sense of artistic design.

A.B.S hopes to focus on the commercial value, aesthetic value, communication value and experience value of design through its own and everyone's efforts. We reflect on whether design is "optional?" ", "is it foreign or China?" ", "design is the core competitiveness? And so on; We explore the deep connotation and charm of eastern culture. We absorb and learn the rules and logic of western advanced design knowledge.

A.B.S hopes that art design, green design and value design can be reflected in all aspects of business and life. Let everyone fall in love with surprises, while enjoying the "beautiful" and happy feeling.

A.B.S will use its own ideas, accomplishment and skills to exceed the requirements of customer. We wish to embody the excellent industrial design, VI, SI, media promotion and graphic interaction design fully, and bring strong appeal and penetration in the establishment and promotion of brand image.

Design has a powerful fascination that it guides us to pursue this or quiet, or reflective, or surging feeling.


A.B.S LOGO was inspired by the five-color stone, the story of Nuhuo mending the sky. The five-color stone is practical and colorful. The eye is in the palm, the hand is higher than the eye. Be diligent and hard to study will make design idea "bubble" to come out one by one.